The Russian Export Center is a state export support institution, established as part of Vnesheconombank with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation. The center is a one-stop shop providing financial and other means of support. Entrepreneurs can benefit from a full range of services, starting from initial consultations to assistance with export paperwork.

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  • to contribute to implementation of the state’s export support policy
  • to provide access for exporters to all types of financial and non-financial support
  • to increase awareness among business of export support measures
  • to run educational programmes for exporters
  • to support exporters’ requests when working with relevant agencies
  • to coordinate the activities of Russian trade representative offices abroad in supporting export projects

Life cycle of export projects and the services offered by the center

  • 1
    Making the decision
    to export Providing information on the general export procedure, information on foreign markets, and assistance in finding partners
  • 2
    for export Assistance in structuring an export project
  • 3
    Preparing and signing an export contract Negotiation support, assistance in drawing up the export contract
  • 4
    Production and delivery of goods (work/services) for export Credit and insurance support for export transactions
  • 5
    Paperwork for export
    of goods Support in undergoing certain export procedures
  • 6
    Delivery of goods
    for export Consultations on arranging the fulfilment of the export contract, including logistical issues
  • 7
    export operations Assistance and consultations on the final stages of implementing an export contract
keeping exporters informed, instructing them on export procedures, identifying and seeking solutions for improving the business environment for exporters

How to contact us?

We will be glad to answer any queries and provide advice on issues regarding export support.

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